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06.11.16: New guitar, new amp ... and other stuff :)

Well, now that I had a break for nearly one and a half years I've got a lot of time to go on with my compositions. For a great motivation kick a bought a new guitar, my first Fender American made Telecaster. I also sold my ENGL Invader I to get its successor, which is a very great and versatile piece of german technology :)

I also reconfigured my pedalboard with new effects. For detailed information and some mice photos, please look at the gear section.

In the next couple of months I will update my music section with new songs.

15.01.15: New guitar

I recently bought a new guitar. It's a Music Man JP7 which I got in mint condition from a guy in Scotland ... a fine and superb guitar. A dream has come true. This one replaced my Ibanez RG1527 which I finally sold. The new guitar also forces me to play nearly every day besides concentrating on my new work at school.