Latest video upload

06.11.16: New guitar, new amp ... and other stuff :)

Well, now that I had a break for nearly one and a half years I've got a lot of time to go on with my compositions. For a great motivation kick a bought a new guitar, my first Fender American made Telecaster. I also sold my ENGL Invader I to get its successor, which is a very great and versatile piece of german technology :)

I also reconfigured my pedalboard with new effects. For detailed information and some mice photos, please look at the gear section.

In the next couple of months I will update my music section with new songs.

15.01.15: New guitar

I recently bought a new guitar. It's a Music Man JP7 which I got in mint condition from a guy in Scotland ... a fine and superb guitar. A dream has come true. This one replaced my Ibanez RG1527 which I finally sold. The new guitar also forces me to play nearly every day besides concentrating on my new work at school.

I also updated the gear, the photo and the video section.

My new site is online

I am very proud to present to you my new website. It took some months to finish it, but now nearly all is online. Just the "Studio" page and the responsive design need to be done. The old homepage was very different and I didn't work a lot with html codes. Now, the new site is written in html-5. The design is based on my front cover of my actual promo CD.

Apart from the new design, you will find some new pictures and videos here. There will also be new songs here in the future.

Feel free to look around :)